At TLC Accounts, we are specialists in Debtors Ledger Management and Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection. We chase your accounts receivables, so that you do not have to. We work on your behalf ensuring positive cashflow and reduced bad debt. Debt Collection does not need to be expensive either. We do not charge payment commission, administration or set-up fees, EVER.

Our Services include:

Debtor Ledger Management, Debt Collection, Credit Policy Review or Implementation, Proactive Credit Department Partnering/Mentoring, Accounts Receivable, Monthly Tailored Debtor Contact Reports and Bookkeeping. Click here to read more.

Debt Collection Brisbane / North Lakes Debt Collections Services

The TLC Difference?


Follow up system ensures accounts are never ‘forgotten’.


Because it’s the way we all should be anyway.


A happy, positive and bright style that simply gets results.


None of the usual fees, commissions and charges.


The owner of the business, is TLC Accounts, personalised service is my business.


Maintain your valued client relationships.


High volume phone collections – 30 calls per hour … “Guaranteed”.


30 calls per day stamp

Our 30 Calls Per Hour


We promise to call at least 30
customers on your behalf
each hour.
This high volume debt collection
method ensures a higher percentage of effective
collections, of your
outstanding accounts
receivable, all while
keeping your costs down.


TLC Accounts are:

specialists in the Pool and Spa Industry


What we offer


Debtor Ledger Management

Debt Collection

Credit Policy Review / Implementation

Proactive Credit Department Partnering / Mentoring

Accounts Receivable

Tailored Debtor Contact Reports